Other Equipment

NARE Home Medical Equipment provides many items that improve the quality of our patientís lives. Some of the additional items we carry are as follow:

∑ Alternating Pressure Pads and Gel Overlays for Hospital Beds
∑ Electric, Manual and Semi-Electric Hospital Beds
∑ Bariatric Items
∑ Bathroom Safety Aids
∑ Bedside Commodes
∑ Diabetic Shoes and Inserts
∑ Nebulizers
∑ Orthopedic Braces
∑ Patient Lifts
∑ Seat Lift Chairs
∑ Support Hose
∑ Tens Units
∑ Trapeze Bars
∑ Tracheotomy Supplies
∑ Wedges

If you have a specialty need, please contact us, and our staff will try to help by supplying the item, or giving you the information for someone who can definitely fill the out of ordinary request. NARE Home Medical Equipment professionals want to be your trusted partner in helping you reach your full potential.